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Avocados: not just for smashing and millennial breakfasts

Published on 03/08/2018

Just about any health aficionado will sing the praises of the avocado – all those vitamins, minerals and healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acids get them going just as much as all that green, gorgeous flesh.
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Why it’s good for Kiwi accommodation providers to baulk at bulk dispensers

Published on 18/06/2018

The howls of disappointment that greeted the decision by some large hotel chains to ditch their smaller-packaged amenities in favour of bulk bathroom dispensers shows the narrow line hosts have to walk when it comes to balancing guest expectations with being environmentally friendly.
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HealthPak’s innovation brings together SKYCITY and Fonterra to create recycling success story

Published on 24/05/2018

One of Health Pak’s most innovative recycling projects has earnt the backing of two of New Zealand’s biggest names in business.

What your guest amenities say about your accommodation

Published on 10/04/2018

They may seem like the most inconsequential part of decorating and kitting out guest accommodation, but your choice of guest amenities can be vital to visitors’ overall impression of their stay.
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Tea v coffee: What does your guest's choice of morning cuppa say about them?

Published on 13/02/2018

At HealthPak, we package and send out so much tea and coffee every year that we’re fully aware that not only are New Zealand and Australia packed full of caffeine addicts – but how much our visitors expect their morning or afternoon pick-me-up too.
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Help! My honey’s not runny

Published on 09/01/2018

At HealthPak we seem to get quite a lot of comments from customers who aren’t sure whether their honey ought to be runny or hard – so we thought we’d set the record straight.
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More overseas visitors, more reasons to choose Kiwi when it comes to guest amenities in motels, guesthouses and B&Bs

Published on 15/12/2017

You’d have to have spent the past weeks under a rock not to have noticed that New Zealand is bursting at the seams with overseas visitors.
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Rest assured: Why Health Pak's new guest amenities help guarantee a good night's sleep

Published on 10/08/2017

HealthPak is expanding its range of guest amenities and launching a new aromatherapy product to help people get the sleep they deserve when staying in New Zealand.