Plastic kills more than

1.1 million animals a year

Over the past 50 years

world plastic production has doubled

What’s so special about Ecostick?

  • It's a Paper-based packaging that is degradable in landfill, containing fully biodegradable plant-based cosmetics using botanical formulations.
  • Removes the requirement for accommodation providers to consider special means of recycling or disposal as the unique additive used in Ecostick means they break down in landfill in under 10 years.
  • This world-first innovation is 100% New Zealand developed, designed and manufactured.
  • High-end, modern vanity display options reflect customer demand for hygienic, premium-quality guest amenities paired with environmental excellence.
  • The partnership with Forest & Bird means a proportion of Ecostick toiletries sales will help fund their important work.

It takes 450-1,000 years for plastic to degrade