Why our breakfast food and beverages are scientifically proven to help your guests enjoy their stay

Published on Sep 17, 2018

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When we at Health Pak post pictures of honey and muesli online and start bandying about phrases like “breakfast of champions”, part of it is because we’re proud of our hotel and motel food and beverage ranges.

But as much as pride in the quality of our products, there’s also some science behind our posts: breakfast has nutritionally proven benefits.

If you’re running a motel, B&B, guest house, AirBnb or hotel, guests expect your primary goal is to provide the perfect setting for a healthy stay, and so ensuring they have access to a good, balanced breakfast is precisely the sort of factor on which they will rate their stay.

TV shows and popular culture are full of advice about breakfast – but the world of science is just as fanatical about finding out the truth behind its reputation as “the most important meal of the day”.

And when last year’s Novel Prize for Medicine went to three US scientists for their discovery of the genetic makeup that controls our “circadian clock” – that inner biological timepiece that regulates sleep, eating patterns, hormones and body temperature – it sparked yet more investigations into why it’s better for us to wake up, smell the coffee and tuck into something nutritious.

These are just some of the health issues surrounding breakfast:

Weight: Studies are divided over whether those people who eat early in the day are thinner than those who skip breakfast, but, because they are eating a balanced diet, most people who lose weight and keep the weight off eat breakfast every day.

Kids: Children who miss breakfast are much more likely to eat junk food during the day and are more likely to be overweight. They are more likely, too, to be more tired and their schoolwork is likely to be poorer than those who eat breakfast.

Sugar: At Health Pak, the issue of sugar in breakfast cereals was so important that last year we relaunched our Serious Cereal range with a new recipe that was much lower in sugar. UK studies have shown that not only are children consuming more than 50% of the recommended daily allowance of sugar at breakfast but that 84% of the parents of those children actually considered the breakfast they were supplying to be healthy. This all points to a basic lack of understanding over what’s good and what’s not and puts the emphasis on the supplier to provide genuinely healthy and tasty breakfast ingredients – which is what we consider we do.

Other health issues: Studies all over the world point to the benefits of breakfast from the 27% increase in coronary heart disease amongst North American men who skip a morning meal, to the two cups of coffee a day routine that was shown by the Harvard School of Public Health to halve the suicide rate.

Breakfast has always been a battleground for big-brand food companies from the traditional cereals and spreads, and the familiar choices between tea and coffee, to the appearance of high-energy breakfast bars, protein drinks and the move from fast-food outlets to stock a wide range of breakfast menu items. But when your guests first get out of bed and know they immediately have access to healthy options that suit their needs – including two gluten-free options – they’ll thank you for having already done the hard work for them.

And if you include the cereals among food and beverage items in their accommodation, then they also know they’ve also got access to a healthy snack they can have at any time of the day.

Chances are that the people staying at your guest accommodation need the sort of energy that a good breakfast can provide either for their business meetings, holiday fun or just to help them get up and ready to face the day.

Health Pak’s range of food and beverages can play an integral role in providing that breakfast – and that’s not just marketing language, that’s scientific fact!

Our revamped Serious Cereal range is here and ready to give your guests a seriously good start to their day!

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