Five Promo Products to Help your Business Stand Out

Published on Feb 4, 2020

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Promotional products are an innovative way to advertise your business. You can use them as gifts for your clients or customers, as a thank you to valued suppliers and staff, or to simply extend the reach and longevity of your brand.


The beauty of promotional products and gifts is that they often have a longer shelf life than traditional advertising. Placed media, whether on mainstream channels like television, radio, and print, or social channels like Facebook and Instagram, has a finite campaign life, lasting precisely as long as you have the budget to run it.


Promotional products, however, last as long as the product is useful, constantly reminding the user of your brand.


At Healthpak we’re experts at manufacturing New Zealand made promotional products.  In fact, we produce an average of 1,000,000 New Zealand made products a day for businesses of all sizes.  We can print and package almost any item for your business and offer advice if you’re not sure what you want.  


We have produced everything from cosmetic sachets to ‘Christmasy’ tomato relish, we can (and do) produce novelty brand-driven products to help your business stand out.  Your only restriction is your imagination.


Here’s five of the best.


Liquid Hand Wash

Keeping your hands free of germs has never been more important than right now!   Made in a non-greasy, moisturising formulation enriched with New Zealand botanical extracts, we can package this product in any number of sizes and types.  



Snack Pack Sachets

You'd be amazed at the incredible array of New Zealand-made snacks we have on offer. Sweet or savoury, from 10gm to 100gm, we can produce exactly what you need to promote your brand - and make someone's day, all in one go!   Seriously, who doesn’t love a free cookie?  And better still, they’ll love your brand for it.   



Sunscreen Bottles

The New Zealand sun can be vicious, and sadly, so is our rate of skin cancer.  Our branded sunscreen bottles range from 30SPF and going up to 50SPF. It meets all New Zealand standards, is non-greasy and fragrance-free, so perfect for all skin types.



Customised Sachets

We supply hair & body care products to many of the biggest hotel and motel chains.  Our sachet paper packaging is made from  our own, world first paper based packaging material that uses 95% less packaging than a bottle or tube and will safely contain liquid and granules.



Presentation Soaps

Bring a touch of class to your branded promotions and treat your staff, customers or suppliers to three New Zealand-made soaps in Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. All the key ingredients are locally produced, presented in a lovely white pine box, with your brand or message tastefully embossed.  A clever branding example indeed. 


With minimum order size starting at 5000 units, we can help you promote your brand with New Zealand made innovations.


Find out how HealthPak can work alongside your business to develop new bespoke ranges or for details on our current range of guest amenities, call us on +64 9 579 6268, email us at or contact us via the website.

Let's make beautiful products together!