Customer Feedback

Long after they've returned home, your guests still have a lot to say about our products - just have a read below.

Oh, and for the record, if you want some of our product for home use, just drop us a line and we'll try our best to get you sorted.

I was recently in Fiji staying at the Outrigger near Sigatoka and the hotel offered your products in our room. I am in love with the conditioning shampoo with Active Manuka Honey and would love to purchase some larger bottles 300ml for my personal use. 

Cindy - United States of America

I have recently used one of your hotel products and would like to know if they are available for the public to purchase

Melissa - Australia

Is it possible to purchase the shampoo and conditioner used at the Sails in the Desert resort for personal use at home? 

Shelley - United States of America

do you sell Wiru skin products to the public or is it for hotels only? 

Lydia - Australia

I recently stayed in a hotel which stocks the Wallawa Kakadu Plum Body Balm. We love this product and would like to purchase more if possible

Susan - Asustralia

a couple of years ago we went to New Zealand and on our road trip we stayed at a motel with your products. I so totally loved the Manuka Honey body wash and hoped to buy it 

Vivian - The Netherlands

I was recently given a tube of Native Earth Body Balm by a friend who stayed at an Oaks Hotel because I had forgotten my moisturiser while we were travelling. For years I have struggled to find a moisturiser that matches my temperamental skin however after using this body balm I feel my search is over! Unfortunately it says on the bottle that it is made exclusively for Oaks Hotels and Resorts, and I can see you've been asked excessively by others previously, but is there any way I can purchase this product externally? I would love to make it part of my daily skin care routine and make it the replacement of my daily moisturiser! 

Jil - Australia

My travels in  New Zealand last year were so memorable, and your people were so wonderful. Great memories!
And of course the Natural Earth Shampoo with the Manuka Honey was delightful!

Clark - United States of America

I have just used your products while staying at Hawkedun Lodge Ranfurly. They are beautiful and I would like to buy for myself to use at home. Is it possible? 

Trudi - New Zealand

I recently used some of your shampoo & conditioner in a BnB I was staying at & found it to be amazing. Can it be purchased & how do I go about doing so?

Jenny - Australia