Customer Feedback

Long after they've returned home, your guests still have a lot to say about our products - just have a read below.

Oh, and for the record, if you want some of our product for home use, just drop us a line and we'll try our best to get you sorted.

We recently stayed at Sails in the Desert in Uluru and I used the little 30 ml bottle of Wiru body balm.   I really love it and am now scraping out the remains inside the bottle to get every last bit of it.

Jane - Australia

is it possible to buy the Wallawa Kakadu Plum Body Balm in a retail outlet. I really like this product.

Cheryl - Australia

I recently stayed at a motel and really enjoyed your plunger coffee pack. Do you sell to individuals. I do not mind if it is in a large quantity. it is the best coffee I have tasted outside NZ

Patricia - New Zealand

Morena team. I'm currently staying in a hotel which has your product.  And uts amazing

Kylie - New Zealand

I was a visitor at the resort and had the pleasure of getting to know your products. They are beautiful!!

Lene - Australia

we visited NZ a few years ago and fell in love with Natural Earth Pure New Zealand Active Manuka Honey Moisturizer

Rapeepan - Thailand

I love this shampoo so much, it's my favourite one I've ever used! Please can you tell me how I can buy this? :)

Matthew - United Kingdom

Best sweetener I've had

Rebecca - New Zealand

I love love love this product & would like to purchase for myself… how can I go about this?

Leanne - Australia

My friend and I are absolutely in love with your Supreme Coffee which we tried in a Motel. The only alternative we have, other than living in a Motel permanently, is to ask if there is a way we can purchase it from yourselves. Here's hoping!

Annetta - New Zealand