Customer Feedback

Long after they've returned home, your guests still have a lot to say about our products - just have a read below.

Oh, and for the record, if you want some of our product for home use, just drop us a line and we'll try our best to get you sorted.

I would like to buy these as gifts for my family! It’s amazing products

Jay - Australia

i used your shampoo and conditioner while staying in a motel , just loved it

Noeline - New Zealand

Hi i get supplied this soap at work and absolutely love it. Please can I purchase some from you to use at home too?

Josh - Australia

Hi I love this shampoo. I used it in a hotel in Rotorua in January when we were in quarantine. Where can I buy some from please

Karen - New Zealand

I came across your hydrating body balm - Manuka & Mamaku at Waitakere Resort and Spa. I absolutely love it! Do you guys sell to the public? Would love to buy some.

Richard - New Zealand

We recently stayed in several NZ motels which had your tea bags in the kitchens. These were the nicest teas we have ever had in this country

Rae - New Zealand

Wondering where I can buy larger sizes of your shampoo and conditioner? Stayed at a hotel and used your stuff and loved it!

Phoebe - Australia

I recently stayed at a North Island Motel & was blown away with the fabulous coffee "Brazilian Café de sol"   Is there someway I can

purchase this coffee, it is the best I have had in many years.

Fran - New Zealand

I see many others have enjoyed your coffee. My husband loves it. he rarely drinks coffee these days but thoroughly enjoys this coffee from the sachets I souvineered at a motel we stayed in.

Nancy - Australia

Would love to purchase this product for home use. Is it possible to buy it in larger quantities?

Adrienne - Australia