Bilingual guest amenities. Ka pai!

Published on Sep 22, 2022

Edgewater Collaboration, The First Te Reo Bilingual Product RangeHealth Pak is incredibly pleased to introduce our first ever te reo bilingual product range! Manufactured right here in Aotearoa, creating these hair and body care guest amenities has been a project the team at Health Pak are proud to have been a part of.…

Soap Co & The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Published on Nov 10, 2020

The humble coconut tree is the source of one of nature’s greatest oils credited with a dizzying array of benefits. Virgin coconut oil is linked to boosting brain function in Alzeihmer suffers, reducing seizures, helping with cholesterol and heart health, and managing weight.

Retail-style dispensers offer big environmental savings

Published on Oct 20, 2020

Save money; save the planet.  

Often the two don’t go hand-in-hand with an environmentally friendly choice too often the more expensive option.

HealthPak supports Fairtrade for a Better World

Published on Sep 25, 2020

At a time when consumer consciousness is growing every day, HealthPak has delivered 21 million Fairtrade products to hotels and motels in New Zealand. It’s a statistic Jimi Kennedy-Grant, HealthPak’s general manager of sales and marketing is incredibly proud of.

Rockstock revolutionise how paper is made

Published on Aug 25, 2020

The old game of paper, scissors, rock has been given an update at HealthPak with rock beating paper as a core ingredient in its range of toiletries.

Buy NZ Made & Support Kiwi Businesses!

Published on Jul 29, 2020

The July school holidays were a boon for New Zealand’s stressed domestic tourism market as Kiwis holidayed at home because of the Covid-19 border restrictions.

How Your Business can build Customer Confidence after Covid-19

Published on Jun 11, 2020

Workplaces and those who operate public spaces should think about using a germicide sanitiser to boost customer confidence in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hand Sanitiser - the New Essential for Hotels and Motels

Published on May 15, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen HealthPak begin production of 300,000 35ml bottles of hand sanitiser to be available in all of New Zealand’s hotels and motels.