Client Privacy Policy

We recognise and respect your privacy.


Cookies are used to identify website visitor activity, for example, which pages they visit and where they came from.

There are two types of cookies. A persistent cookie which, for example, helps identify whether you have visited our website before. A second type of cookie known as a session cookie is used for example to identify your country of origin.

Cookies, which are used by most websites, are used by us to track visitors in order to collate summary data. This information, such as identifying the pages you visit, is only used at a summarised and aggregated level. The cookies do not collect personal data.

This anonymous traffic data is only used by authorised staff and users.

If at any stage you are concerned about cookies, they can be prevented and deleted through your internet browser.

Personal Information

(As Required) Any personal information we receive through emails or other communication is stored securely and will not be used by anyone other than authorised staff and users.

(As Required) Other personal information is captured to facilitate your orders. This information is confidential to authorised users. Like all personal information captured on this website, it is only used for the intended use, that is, to transact your order and ensure its safe and secure delivery.

If you have any questions with respect to this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.