Thoughtful Guest Items for the Perfect Stay  

Published on Aug 1, 2019

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We’re not talking about standard guest amenities such as soap, shampoo, conditioner and cotton buds, we mean the sort of items guests don’t always see but take notice when it’s supplied. 


Showing guests you have put some thought into it makes their stay more enjoyable and sends the message you are serious about their comfort level. 


Here are some top items to consider taking customer service beyond the familiar.   



Plasters are one of those things you rarely have when you need them.  Adding a few plasters in your guest’s bathroom range is a low-cost way of showing your initiative. 


Dental Kit  

Our Colgate dental kit comes with a bamboo toothbrush guests will use long after they leave, toothpaste that tastes good and a handy flossing device (particularly useful if your guest is a seaweed salad, spinach pie, corn on the cob kind of person). 


Ear plugs

Being away from home and unfamiliar sounds can make it hard for guests to get a proper night’s rest.  Our ear plugs come in cleverly designed waterproof packaging, so if the item isn’t used, you’re not left with a water damaged product that is no longer viable. 


Good pillows

How do so many hotels and motels get this wrong?  Hospitality pillows are traditionally paper-thin or over plump.  Experience has shown us using two thin pillows doesn’t work, nor does beating a big soft pillow to death to find a comfortable spot. 


Invest in some decent pillows with a moderate firmness and your guest are sure to notice.  We would!



Good quality comb

Accommodation providers tend to overlook the everyday grooming item that guests forget to pack.


Our wooden comb is one of those items’ guests keep and reuse for as long as it lasts. It’s practical, unisex, made from sustainably sourced timber and let’s face it, it looks very cool.  Like our ear plugs, the comb comes in waterproof packaging made from 80% Calcium Carbonate in the form of quarry waste, which will also strengthen you brand messaging about sustainability.


Best of all, every time your guest uses the comb they are subconsciously reminded of where it came from – and that’s self-promotion at its finest.   


Beverage options

Chances are, you already offer tea and coffee, but what about green tea, hot chocolate or orange squash?  Giving guests a little more choice and that ‘home away from home’ feel can only be good for your business.   


Our orange squash is the only cold beverage sachet on the market and is a hit with adults and children alike.  Best of all its virtually the same price as a coffee sachet, so you could have one or two less coffee sachets, add a couple of squash and it will have cost you virtually nothing extra.


 It’s a living thing

Yes, indoor plants are the new black.  Adding a living plant to a room is scientifically proven to lift anyone’s mood, so we recommend placing it next to your feedback form!  Choose low maintenance, low-pollen, hardy plants that thrive on neglect.   


Depending on the variety you choose, plants can also purify the air and promote better sleep.  You are welcome. 


With over 60 years experience and being New Zealand’s largest guest amenity manufacturer, we know how to help businesses thrive in the competitive accommodation market.  See for yourself! 


Find out how HealthPak can work alongside your business to develop new bespoke ranges or for details on our current range of guest amenities, call us on +64 9 579 6268, email us at or contact us via the website.

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