What your guest amenities say about your accommodation

Published on Apr 10, 2018


They may seem like the most inconsequential part of decorating and kitting out guest accommodation, but your choice of guest amenities can be vital to visitors’ overall impression of their stay.

Yes, they’re unlikely to write home about which soaps, haircare and body care products they found in the shower, but the good products can really make their stay notable, and they poor products can really stand out.

We have 16 ranges in the HealthPak collection and each one is designed to help you tell a different story about your accommodation, whether that be a multi-room city hotel, motel, guesthouse, B&B or Airbnb. So whether you are starting out, looking to redecorate or renovate, or simply want to help firm up your accommodation’s overall impact, here’s a few pointers to show what each range says about you, your rooms, and your guests.

Forest & Bird NZ Botanical Skincare: With branding from renowned contemporary Kiwi artist Flox and a percentage of all sales going back to support this amazing not-for-profit organisation that helps protect native flora and fauna, this full range of skin and haircare products and accessories immediately sets up a conversation about New Zealand’s natural landscape and the importance of preserving it. Just the sort of conversation so many of our visitors expect to have when visiting.

South Pacific Soap Company: Pure, organic coconut oil from Fiji is probably the most South Pacific-specific ingredient you could hope for. Nothing invokes the feeling of palm-fringed beaches and a completely natural environment better than the smell of coconut oil – and your guests will know they’re a million miles away from the rat race every time they use a product from this range.

Natural Earth: Both environmentally friendly and with the added kick of a super-ingredient for which New Zealand has become rightly famous: active manuka honey. This range speaks directly to your accommodation’s determination to preserve our natural beauty while also sourcing the very best health-promoting natural products available.

Bathe Marine Skincare: Slick, chic and innovative – this range combines two super-ingredients (kelp extract and phytoplankton) from our region’s oceans into products that look good enough for a high-end spa or salon, let alone guest accommodation.

Ecostore: This brand comes loaded with a proven track record of innovation, sustainability and elegant design – the key ingredients of “Brand NZ” and much of what visitors expect from their stay.

Therapy Range: The very name of The Aromatherapy Company conjures images of luxuriance and relaxation, and your guests can rest easy knowing the range’s special base formulation of juniper and white thyme is not only 100% New Zealand-made, but also geared towards pampering their mind, body and soul.

eco.logic*: Innovative surroundings require innovative amenities, and so we pioneered a new process for our certified Fairtrade eco.logic* range that involved recycling Anchor Light Proof milk bottles to make eco.logic* bottles. It’s a small product with a very big message.

Ritual Aotearoa: Traditional botanical ingredients sourced from around the country help preserve the centuries-old practices of New Zealand’s indigenous inhabitants and help create a different perspective for many visitors who might not fully understand Kiwi history.

de Chéri: Chic, elegant and timeless design combined with classy ingredients such as bergamot and neroli create the type of understated sophistication and exclusivity that’s expected by some visitors but rarely found.

Koha Spa: Like Ritual Aotearoa, Koha Spa uses traditional botanical ingredients from specific locations around New Zealand but, this time, the packaging and products speak more of the combination of history and innovation.

Pacific’s Frangipani: Classy, tropical, premium products for accommodation where guests prioritise pampering and relaxation above all.

Lavish: Five-star ingredients with five-star design for a five-star experience – Lavish promotes generosity and internationally renowned luxury.

Lavish Petite: The same elegance and formulations as it’s larger sister-range, Lavish Petite provides the same level of sophistication for the more boutique accommodation.

Kennedy-Smith Salon Solutions: Designed by New Zealand and international stylists, these hair and body care formulations are for people on the go who care what they look and feel like. They’re the perfect products for busy, urban establishments serving business travellers and those who understand the difference that quality guest amenities bring.

De Cheri Natural: Traditionally European ingredients and a charming design make for a calming, nourishing range that perfectly fits the bill for relaxing, rural accommodation.

Pohutukawa: Chic packaging combined with the evocative Kiwi ingredients of manuka and lanolin create an essential 21st century image of New Zealand.

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