Face Masks

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Health Pak currently offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic face mask options to suit any requirement. We have a full range of outer sachet and face mask materials from traditional to more cutting edge environmental options, and can offer all maner of shapes and sizes.

We specialize in 10ml-40ml fill sachets, but can offer different fills if needed. We have nearly 70 years of experience and are well recognized as being the market leader in Australasia for sachet packing.


What We Offer

We offer the best solutions for your product and it’s not just about the packing. In addition to the outer printed sachet we offer a one stop shop whereby we not only supply the outer sachet, but also the mask inside folded and sealed with your liquid mask inside. All this can be done in our state of the art facility in Auckland.

Quality and Food Safety assurance, we have it all. Clients choose to work with us because we want to make their product as good and successful as possible. Our aim is to grow with you and be part of your success (check out some of our testimonials)

  • Top of the line Outer Sachet Printing Options
  • All forms of mask materials including Cotton, Plant Fibre, PLA, Viscose, Tencel and Gold or Silver Leaf.
  • All forms of mask shapes and sizes.
  • Expert Advise on Packaging Options from Sachet Films to Retail and Outer Cartons
  • Over 50 Different Packaging Lines
  • Full In-House Quality Control Team


Ready to order?

Please contact us with your enquiry Ph +64 (09) 579 6268, email toby@healthpak.co.nz or simply fill our the form below.

Please specify the amount and unit.