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The factory is busy producing food and soap and the office is operational, albeit remotely. If you need anything please email office@healthpak.co.nz and we’ll be back in touch just as soon as we can.


Airline Snack Packs

From rice crackers to pretzels to spicy Bhuja. We are happy to offer any type of snack you need in a pack. All can be custom-designed with your own logo or design and we can package in small sizes ideally suited to the airline industry.

What your customers are saying about our products  
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I just tried your chur bro chips and loved them!!!!!  Love your marketing as well – soo nice to see a proud kiwi company delivering quality products.  Where can I get more? I don’t see your stuff in Wellington supermarkets.

Aaron - New Zealand

On an Air New Zealand flight recently I had a yoghurt breakfast bar, and I was advised that these are sourced from your company. I would be really keen to buy some. I’m not sure if you can do small orders or what but they are so delicious I have to have them!!

Sophia - New Zealand

I recently had a Yogurt breakfast bar that was served on a flight from AK to PN.  It was delicious and I’m wondering if there are any retail outlets where I can purchase these bars?

Julie - New Zealand

Awhile ago now we had some of your delicious BBQ rice bites on an Air NZ flight. My son, who has loads of allergies was actually able to eat these and loved them. Are you still supplying them? If so, where could we purchase them from?

Debbie - New Zealand

I have fallen in love with your Air NZ yoghurt breakfast bar!!!!! How can I get a supply for this new addiction??? I have looked at your web site......very impressive but can't find the darn things on it:( Great to see the unique Kiwi marketing style and all the positive feedback:)

Janette - Australia

I am a frequent business class traveller on Air New Zealand. I got you details from the website I found on the packet of Veggie Crisps you supply to Air New Zealand. I LOVE these crisps..... I look forward to my flight simply to eat the crisps!

S. Worn - Australia

I was just on 2 Air New Zealand flights that had packages (15g) of Cassava crisps that were SO DELICIOUS. I am wondering if there is anywhere I can buy them in the U.S. or if I can buy them from you. I am willing to buy a big quantity if I have to..... Thanks so much

Nancy - United States of America

I just went to Napier and back with Air New Zealand and was served your nibbles on board both ways. They are much nicer than potato chips and I would like to know where can I buy them, preferable in larger bags. Look forward to your reply

Rosalene - New Zealand

I was on a Qantas flight from Auckland to Los Angeles and was given a packet of the Chur Bro Veggie Chippies. I absolutely love them and was wondering if there was anywhere I can buy them from? I have emigrated to the States but I have family in New Zealand who would be able to buy/send me the yummy veggie chips. Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Yours sincerely

Michelle - United States of America

My husband and I recently flew Air NZ domestic and had a pack of the vege crisps. We just loved them and was wondering where we can buy these crips. Look forward to hearing from you.

Adele - New Zealand

Good afternoon, I was given a packet of the BBQ Rice Bites on an Air New Zealand flight and wondered if you can buy the products in supermarkets?

Marg - New Zealand

I flew on Air NZ recently and had the little pkt of rice crackers that they serve as snacks on the airline. I love the stuff. Can I buy this stuff anywhere in NZ and if possible any larger packaging. Please let me know.

D. Thompson - New Zealand