We are 100% operational and here to support you.

The factory is busy producing food and soap and the office is operational, albeit remotely. If you need anything please email office@healthpak.co.nz and we’ll be back in touch just as soon as we can.


When SKYCITY wanted new guest hair & body care products for their guests, they naturally turned to Health Pak to develop something truly unique.

There are bright ideas and then there is pure genius. In a world first, guests at SKYCITY hotels enjoy New Zealand made hair and body care packaged in bottles made from recycled milk bottles that are collected from, wait for it. SKYCITY.

Yes, you can have your latte in the morning and wash your hair at night with shampoo  packaged in a bottle made from a milk bottle recycled from the very same hotel!

Simple, clean and elegant, Puriri is a great example of how bathroom amenities can surpass the expectations of even the highest rollers.