Cafe de Sol Decaffeinated Freeze Dried Coffee Sachets

Experience all the taste and flavour of fine, freeze dried coffee without the caffeine. Naturally we use the most natural process to decaffeinate your coffee by way of Activated Charcoal Decaffeination rather than all those nasty chemicals some people use.

Product Code: HPCD

Quantity per carton: 500

This product is proudly made in New Zealand

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On a recent holiday in NZ, I tasted Cafe de Sol Supreme Caffiene Free , and loved the taste and "caffeine-freeness". Just wondering if is available in Australia , either in sachets, or preferably larger quantities, maybe under another name?

Colin - Australia

The other day I was in a motel and saw your caffeine free coffee. I haven't drunk tea or coffee for years as I cannot drink caffeine, it was delicious. I have tried to see if I can get it from stores but have had no luck, and was hoping that you might be able to tell me where I can purchase it, I live in Taupo. If it isn't available in stores, would I be able to purchase it direct from your company, I look forward to hearing from you. Regards 

Jude - New Zealand

I visited N.Z. and loved the cafe de sole caffeine free coffee in the individual packets. how do I purchase this product?

Jane - United States of America

My husband and I were recently in New Zealand and we stayed at several B&B’s that offered your products and fell in love with your coffees as we travelled around New Zealand. I was wanting to order the Café De Sol. Please let me know if this is possible.

Mary - United States of America

Over the Christmas holidays we stayed at a Motel in Taupo we have the good fortune of trying your coffee Café De Sol It is lovely. Do you sell it to the public and if so where can I purchase it?

Robyn - New Zealand

Hi My wife and I have stayed at a lot of motels and your coffee is the the best. Is there anywhere Joe public can buy it

Darrin - New Zealand

Recently I had some of your Café De Sol Coffee at a hotel in Rotorua. It was great.I would like to know if I could purchase some of the coffee paks?

Martyn - New Zealand

I tried your product in a hotel in Pagosa Springs Co.  I really liked it and would like to purchase it.  Is it available to the average consumer or only hotels?

Wanna - United States of America

I recently returned from my honeymoon in Fiji where I spoilt with your decaffeinated instant coffee! So delicious & I didn't feel it had any caffeine in it- which most decaffeinated coffee often has a small percentage of. I would LOVE to buy some

April - Australia

Hi, I've used your products while traveling in NZ and love it. Do you distribute them in Singapore? How can I buy them?

Sari - Singapore

I've been staying in hotels/motels all over nz with your amazing coffee! i was surprised not to find it in a shop, so now I'm leaving through chch to realise you're located in auckland! been stealing some sachets (sneaky!) but wondered if it's available for proper purchase on the south island 

Elisabeth - Austria

Hi guys, we recently traveled around New Zealand and a lot of the motels had your Cafe de Sol coffee sachets in them and my partner absolutely LOVES them!

Alana - New Zealand

The last few hotels/motels we have stayed in have a coffee called Cafe de Sol.  This is one of the best instant coffees that I have drunk and was wondering if it is possible to purchase this product from a retail shop or are they only available for hotels etc?  if they are only available through you can we purchase some?

Peter - New Zealand

We had some of your Cafe De Sol coffee when we were visiting Queenstown and we really enjoyed the taste. I have not been able to find any other coffee in NZ with the same enjoyable taste and was hoping you would be able to tell me where I can buy some of your coffee

Rochelle - New Zealand

My wife and I recently had a holiday in Rotorua and Tauranga and came across your instant coffee Café De Sol. We were both wondering if it was available in the supermarket or if we could buy it from you direct?

J Hunt - New Zealand

After using some of your products I was just wondering if there were any shops in Tasmania where you can buy them.

Tracie - Australia

While I was on holiday in an Auckland Hotel I came across one of your Cafe de Sol coffee products that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was hoping that I would be able to purchase the Coffee at my local supermarket however I couldn’t find it. Could you please tell me where I can purchase this. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Patricia - New Zealand

i would like to know if you're supplying any of the Groceries shop here in Australia with your Caffeine free Coffee please. Otherwise i need to order online some of them for my own use please. Thank you very much.

Iavai - Australia

As an ex NZ I love your products, but how can I get them over here on the Gold Coast? Kind regards

Mary - Australia

I recently stayed at Oakwood Manor in Mangere and while not usually a coffee drinker, I tried your Café De Sol coffee and really enjoyed it. Since then I have also enjoyed your coffee at the Aspree Motor Inn in Palmerston North and the Bella Vista Napier. I liked it so much I want to know where I can buy it from now as I has been converted!

Janice - New Zealand

Over the past three weeks, since our son's wedding at Casa Blanca on Cherry Island, my wife and I have been touring through Buffalo, Montreal, Newport (East Vermont), Waterville, and are now in Augusta, Maine at the Senator Inn & Spa where we were thrilled to see your products being offered in every bathroom.

Des - United States of America

I recently stayed at the Havelock North Motor Lodge and while it is a great motel the outstanding memory is of the Cafe de Sol coffee both instant and plunger types and other coffees are just not rocking my boat any more. Could you please advise if Cafe de Sol available in supermarkets.

Loat - New Zealand

I recently stayed at the Worldmark Resort in Fiji and they had the Cafe de Sol coffee packet in the room. It was delicious and I was interested in purchasing them.

Neena - United States of America

We tasted your Cafe De Sol coffee in our hotel room in Hamner Springs and love it. Where can it be purchased from

Rose - New Zealand

Hi i recently stayed at beach house coolangatta and had u beautiful coffee where can i get sum

Mohamed - Australia

We were in N.Z. recently staying in motels and enjoyed your Cafe de Sol. We own a motel in Australia and cannot get decent portion control coffee here. Wondering if you have an Australian supplier, and/or how much the coffee is per box and what the cost to ship here (Victoria) would be?

Chris - Australia

I was recently visiting your wonderful country and had the pleasure to be served cafe de sol Brazilian coffee in almost every hotel and motel I booked throughout the north island. I was hoping to buy some of the coffee, both instant and plunger blend for myself as an individual. I found the coffee in New Zealand to be far superior, even in Seattle Washington, where I live, and is known as one of the coffee havens of the US.

Stephen - United States of America

I see many others have enjoyed your coffee. My husband loves it. he rarely drinks coffee these days but thoroughly enjoys this coffee from the sachets I souvineered at a motel we stayed in.

Nancy - Australia

I recently stayed in a hotel in Mooloolaba, Qld. They had your cafe de sol coffee sachets. Its the best instant coffee I have tasted in a long time. Can I buy this anywhere in Australia.

Fred - Australia

I was recently in New Zealand and enjoyed your Cocoa Naturally. I am looking to purchase your products for home use. I am very sensitive to artificial ingredients in other products and as your cocoa has nothing artificial, I can enjoy it without repercussions.

Steve - United States of America

Last week we stayed in a Motel in Whitianga and they had your, Café De Sol packet coffee, in the unit and I really enjoyed it so much I wondered if you could let me know if I can purchase in anywhere?

Carol - New Zealand

I had the pleasure of using your products while traveling in NZ and would love a price list of your products. If this is possible could you include delivery costs, alternatively do you have a supplier in Australia, preferably NSW, that I could contact. I absolutely loved your products and would love to be able to purchase some of the same for our personal use. Looking forward to your response

Vicki - Australia

My wife and I recently stayed at a motel in the Bay of Plenty and used your coffee sachets, that were available for a drink. We were delighted with the flavour and taste and wondered whether this product is available in it's present form or under another label through any retail outlet, as we would like to purchase some for our day to day use.

I Martindale - New Zealand

I have recently had a visit to Noumea . Whilst I was staying there I tried the coffee that they provided in the rooms.I love it and wondered if there is anywhere in Auckland that I could purchase it.

M. Malinson - New Zealand

I have just been fortunate to try your Cafe de Sol coffee sachets at Worldmark resort on the Gold coast and am wondering if it is possible to buy quantities in Australia???

Bob - Australia

I tried drinking your coffee- cafe del Sol supreme. Love the taste

Adele - Singapore

I would like to compliment your company on the quality of the Coffee you distribute under the name of 'Cafe de Sol'. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately went down to my local supermarket to see if I could buy it off the shelf....

S. Chung - Auckland

Is it possible to purchase your Cafe de Sol instant coffee? My husband and I recently stayed at the Wyndham Resort in Fiji and your coffee was made available in our room. It was wonderful.

Brenda - United States of America

Hi there! I recently tried your hot chocolate and decaffeinated coffee that were in sachets and I just had to email you to say how lovely they are in terms of rich flavour and taste - exceptional! Are you planning at all to produce these in larger quantities that will be available for sale in supermarkets? Hope to hear from someone soon, thanks and well done again for producing quality products. :)

Mel - Australia