De Cheri Classic Conditioning Shampoo Sachets 10ml

A shampoo that cleanses and conditions. This salon formula moisturising shampoo is just what you need when you're pressed for time. Gentle enough to use on all hair types. Apply to wet hair, work into a lather, rinse well and it's all done. This stunning paraben free formulation is enriched with Bergamot & Neroli (Orange Blossom) Oil. The packaging for this product is made with an degradable film that enables it to breakdown under certain landfill conditions faster than standard packaging films.

Product Code: DCCSS

Quantity per carton: 500

This product is proudly made in New Zealand The contents of this product are made from a biodegradable formulation and will naturally break down when exposed to the elements. The formulation for this product has been tested on our office staff and not on animals. After all how is the bunny going to tell you when you’ve got the formulation just right? The ingredients we use to make this product are free from Genetically Engineering. Because nobody wants you to grow a third eye or anything weird like that. This product should be enjoyed within 24months of opening it. The packaging for this product is made with a degradable film that enables it to breakdown under certain landfill conditions faster than standard packaging films, another world first solution from the eco ninjas at Health Pak.

What your customers are saying about our products  
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Hi Jimi, at Health Pak, Have used my last sachet of hair shampoo. I eked it out and only used it on special occasions. Would you be able to send some more samples in the little 35ml pottles what a cheek to ask again but I still dont see this product anywhere in the shops or malls. So unfair to only supply motels. Look at all the begging letters you get on the blog siight. I still say it is such a lovely product and does make your hair feel wonderful with out drying the scalp at all. With hope and anticipation.

Jill - New Zealand

Hi, I stayed at an apartment in Hobart Tasmania Australia and fell in love with your products. Do you sell your conditioning shampoo, the pump pack size for personal orders. If so can you give me the details and how to order.

Kaye - Australia

I recently stayed in a motel where they supplied de Cheri conditioning hairwash enriched with bergamot & neroli oil.  It has an amazing effect on my hair so I was wondering if you could tell me where I could purchase it for personal use please?

Maureen - New Zealand

As an ex NZ I love your products, but how can I get them over here on the Gold Coast? Kind regards

Mary - Australia

Would it be possible to order some of your De Cheri Conditioning Shampoo? My sister gave me a packet that she got in a hotel in either Fiji or Tonga. I love it!

Elizabeth - New Zealand

I tried your product in a hotel in Pagosa Springs Co.  I really liked it and would like to purchase it.  Is it available to the average consumer or only hotels?

Wanna - United States of America

Hi, I've used your products while traveling in NZ and love it. Do you distribute them in Singapore? How can I buy them?

Sari - Singapore

I used your conditioning shampoo for my dry sensitive hair and I am very impressed with the quality of your product. I had been away on holiday in the South Island touring and had brought back the shampoo on my return home. 

After applying the shampoo to my hair I was so impressed with the quality of your product that I went searching on the internet to learn more about where it's sourced from. If I find this De Cheri product line in my next accommodation suite, I will be sure let the hosts know to keep stocking this product. 

Fiona - New Zealand

After using some of your products I was just wondering if there were any shops in Tasmania where you can buy them.

Tracie - Australia

I came across some De Cheri Classic products on a recent trip and enjoyed them very much - I'd like to purchase, if possible

Rebecca - Australia

I had the pleasure of using your products while traveling in NZ and would love a price list of your products. If this is possible could you include delivery costs, alternatively do you have a supplier in Australia, preferably NSW, that I could contact. I absolutely loved your products and would love to be able to purchase some of the same for our personal use. Looking forward to your response

Vicki - Australia

I was wondering how to purchase your conditioning shampoo. I used it last year while visiting and absolutely LOVED it

Gretchen - United States of America

I have a sample of the de Cheri conditioning shampoo from a South Island hotel.. I would like to know where I can buy the product, as I really like it

Jane - New Zealand

While on holiday recently I stayed a Motel and came across De Cheri Conditioning Shampoo I was very pleased with the result as it suited my hair better than any other 2 and 1 products I have tried. I am interested to know if there are any larger products.

Barbara - New Zealand

Hi I used de cheri conditioning shampoo in a hotel. I fell in love with it. I want to purchase for personal use. 

Shaam - New Zealand

Am on holiday in NZ and have been using your fantastic Conditioning Shampoo and soap - is there anywhere I can buy your products in the UK please?
The best shampoo I've ever used - also would like to try your other products.

Cari - United Kingdom

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how fantastic, your shampoos are...there is just one problem...You cant buy it anywhere!! After staying at a nice motel in Taranaki recently, my husband used your range in the hotel, and just loved fact he loved it so much, we went to all the other motel units where our friends were staying and took theirs...but when we returned to Auckland and tried buying it, we couldn't find it anywhere. Please bring out the range in bigger sizes and sell it to the general public!!

Coraleen - New Zealand

Can we purchase the CONDITIONER SHAMPOO as a private buyer (not motel etc). We stayed at a motel and my husband said it was the VERY BEST SHAMPOO he had ever used....

Pauline - New Zealand

Over the past three weeks, since our son's wedding at Casa Blanca on Cherry Island, my wife and I have been touring through Buffalo, Montreal, Newport (East Vermont), Waterville, and are now in Augusta, Maine at the Senator Inn & Spa where we were thrilled to see your products being offered in every bathroom.

Des - United States of America

Recently whilst staying at a hotel in Invercargill (Ascot Park) I had occasion to use your De Cheri Classic Conditioning Shampoo and found it most satisfactory. I have been trying to find a combination of shampoo/conditioner at various pharmacies/supermarkets for some time with no luck. As I found your product suited my hair (white) can you please let me know where I can purchase it preferably in more than a 30ml quantity ? Maybe you only sell wholesale to hotels and the like ? Regardless, I would appreciate a response from you in due course. Regards

John - New Zealand