Koha Spa Conditioner 30ml

Designed to gently soften and moisturise the hair, this stunning paraben free salon grade conditioner enriched with East Cape Harakeke Oil, will leave your hair feeling thoroughly loved. Directions: Massage into wet hair after shampooing. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing out. For best results use after Koha Spa Shampoo. The East Cape is an area of stunning coastline, rich in Maori culture and heritage. A vital part of this heritage is the traditional knowledge of the medicinal benefits of plants such as Harakeke (NZ native flax). Its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and excellent healing properties making it a true kiwi treasure.

Product Code: KOHACT

Quantity per carton: 100

This product is proudly made in New Zealand The contents of this product are made from a biodegradable formulation and will naturally break down when exposed to the elements. The formulation for this product has been tested on our office staff and not on animals. After all how is the bunny going to tell you when you’ve got the formulation just right? The ingredients we use to make this product are free from Genetically Engineering. Because nobody wants you to grow a third eye or anything weird like that. This product should be enjoyed within 24months of opening it. The packaging for this product are recyclable. PLEASE contact your recycler to find out how you can recycle it.

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Hello there - I was recently staying at the lovely old Waitomo Caves Hotel, and some of your Koha Spa range products were in the room. I have disliked scented shampoos, etc, for ever, and so was taken by surprise at how much I enjoyed the Koha Spa range with its beautiful, subtle scents. Could you tell me if these products are commercially available to the public, in pharmacies or even tourist shops? I'd love to keep using them if I could only get hold of them somewhere.

Robin - New Zealand

On my trip to New Zealand, I stayed in a motel in Taupo that we're using your Koha Spa products. I found the shampoo and conditioner wonderful. Could you please tell me where I could buy these products in Brisbane Queensland.

Jennifer - Australia

Would like to know where I could buy Koha Spa range of hair products – tried them at the Hilton Taupo and loved them.

Debbie - New Zealand

Can you tell me where I could buy the Koha Spa range. Used it recently while away and it is so nice.

Jenny - New Zealand

As an ex NZ I love your products, but how can I get them over here on the Gold Coast? Kind regards

Mary - Australia

I tried your product in a hotel in Pagosa Springs Co.  I really liked it and would like to purchase it.  Is it available to the average consumer or only hotels?

Wanna - United States of America

Hi...have just found your Koha Spa products at Regal Palms Rotorua and my question is...are your products available through retail outlets.

Shirley - New Zealand

Can we get your Koha Spa products in any local store in Los Angeles,California, US ? I love them.

Hernando - United States of America

Your Koha Aotearoa range was used @ Oceanside Whitianga this week and was LOVED. I would like to purchase some for home use and also to send to Australia

Janet - New Zealand

I recently stayed at Blue Pacific Apartments in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand and used your Koha Spa range of products and absolutely loved them. I was wondering if the public could buy them direct from you. In your customer comments you say that you will sell the 265ml bottles. I was hoping I could buy the Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Hand & Body Balm if possible. I live in Sydney. Could you please let me know if this is a possibility and how much it would cost.

Gail - Australia

Having just stayed at Kaiteriteri Motor Camp (in the apartments) and using your Koha Spa range - I need more!! Can you please let me know how I can get some products.

Jan - New Zealand

Good morning,after a recent holiday in NZ where l used your brilliant shampoo and conditioner,l would Really like to continue using them now l am back in Aus.PLEASE tell me that there's somewhere l can access  them.

Marie - Australia

Hi, I've used your products while traveling in NZ and love it. Do you distribute them in Singapore? How can I buy them?

Sari - Singapore

When recently on holiday in New Zealand, we had the pleasure of experiencing your Koha Spa products at The Waters in Kina Beach. Is it possible to have some sent to Sydney for personal use?

Leonora - Australia

Koha Spa - another reason to love New Zealand! I am emailing from Oregon, USA. Absolutely loved your kerikeri - nourishing shampoo, east cape- soothing conditioner & the west coast- hydrating hand & body balm. Would love to be able to purchase them in a larger size - if possible.

Mechelle - United States of America

I had the privilege to use your Koha Spa products at The Boat House. I would like to know how I can get hold of shampoo and conditioner it is fabulous.

Carolyne - New Zealand

My daughter used this and it actually tamed her hair. I was so surprised as I felt like nothing was ever going to work.

Rachel - New Zealand

On a recent trip to Christchurch with my 89 year old mother, she was most impressed with your Koha Spa shampoo and conditioner at Hotel 115.   She is wondering if you sell to the public as she would like to use them on a regular basis. 

Christine - New Zealand

We recently stayed at the lovely old Hotel Esplanade in Devonport and had the luxury of the Koha Spa products. We loved the shampoo and conditioner and wondered if we could buy it over the counter in New Zealand or on line. Its a lovely product.

Beryl - New Zealand

I would very much like to purchase some of your beautiful hair conditioner and shampoo. It is just the best.

Patricia - Australia

I am at Regal Palms at the moment and am loving the Koha Spa products. Is there anywhere I can buy them from in Auckland or online?

Gemma - New Zealand

I recently stayed at Best Western Hotel Ellerslie, Auckland where they supplied your products for guest use. After returning home (with my unused portions of products) I discovered that my regular shampoo and conditioners are tested on animals. When I checked your products that I had been using I discovered they were cruelty free, I have tried many different shampoos/conditioners and they make my hair heavy and greasy, but your products make it feel clean and healthy. Therefore I would like to know if it is possible to regularly order these products from you?

Vikki - New Zealand

I used your products at Hermitage Hotel, and I found they were very useful. I wonder is it possible to purchase 1 or two bottles for personal use?

Mikan - New Zealand

I can thank The Esplanade Hotel in Devonport for introducing me to Koha Spa COnditioner. I am desperately hoping it is available for sale and shipping to the US. Please let me know how I can purchase some more.

Sharon - United States of America

Is it possible to purchase Koha spa products, specifically the shampoo and conditioner in Australia.  I had some in an hotel in Nz and was very impressed. 

Dee - Australia

Can you advise where I can buy your Koha Spa products online for personal use I am in Australia and we tried Koha Spa products on a recent visit to NZ (at the Cardronna Hotel I think) and they were great

Rosemary - Australia

Greetings, I stayed at the Wyndham Resort in Wanaka for 10 days prior to and during Warbirds over Wanaka this Easter. I have sensitive skin and psoriasis so therefore am pretty fussy when it comes to skin products even for a bloke :) I am a Kiwi but I live in Perth, Western Australia these days, I was wondering, is it possible for me to buy some of your Koha Spa products and will you ship them to Oz? I don't mind that they are in 30ml portion control packs, and actually this feature is desirable as I am a pilot and also spend most of my time away in hotels etc and the small size is perfect for my take-away toiletries bag. I am still using the one tube I relocated from Wanaka but it will run out soon :) I am happy to buy in bulk amounts, not sure if 100 is the right figure but am open to suggestions. All help appreciated. A Kiwi fan of good products from home

Jason - Australia

I absolutely loved, loved your Koha Spa products when visiting a B&B in Florida. I live in the metro Atlanta Georgia area of USA. Unfortunately, they have closed for business, and I have been searching for your products to buy. It appears (after searching, sigh) that they are only available to the hotel industry? Is there not any way to purchase some of your amazingly fantastic Hair Shampoo? so very Sadly...I want to be FABULOUS again,

Greta - United States of America

I would like to buy one of your 265ml Koha Spa Hydrating Hand & Body Balm. Please can you advise how I can do this. I would also be interested in the Koha Spa Shampoo and Conditioner.

Sharleen - New Zealand

I have recently returned to australia from N.Z. where I spent 2 night last month at Malborough Vintners Inn. A really delightful place and you should try it sometime.I had the pleasure of useing your Koha Spa shampoo and conditioner. Its really tops and I want to know where I can buy it in Australia (I live in Adelaide) or weather I can buy them from you or one of your distributers. Please let me know if you can help me as I would really like to continue using them.

Dave - Australia

I recently stayed at a hotel in Auckland that stocked your products. I really liked the Koha Spa Conditioner and Koha Spa Conditioning Shampoo, and was wondering whether these products are available for public purchase?

Celeste - New Zealand

Having just used several of your wonderful Koha Spa products whilst staying at Lakeview Tekapo I would love to purchase the gentle facial cleanser, a large shampoo and large conditioner, and also try the mud pack.

Jo - New Zealand

hi just enquring as to weather you sell your public to the general public at all. i got to use the koha spa shampoo , conditioner @ shower gel recently and loved it. i have trouble trying to find product suited to my hair & yours seemed to be best i've found

Cookie - New Zealand

I stayed recently at The Esplanade Hotel in Devonport and used Koha Spa Soothing Hair Conditioner "East Cape" and thought it delightful. Where can I purchase same?

Glennis - New Zealand

We’re staying at Victoria Lodge in Rotorua. They have your shower gel and shampoos in the bathroom. We just love them! Can we order some as private folk? Found it to be one of the greatest scents ever.

Natalie - New Zealand

I live in Canada and I recently visited the New Orleans hotel in Arrowtown. They stocked the Koha spa products. They were lovely! I am wondering if I can purchase a 265ml Koha Spa shampoo and 265ml Koha Spa conditioner. Is it possible to purchase from Canada or online?

Johanna - Canada

I was travelling in NZ and in a hotel where we were staying we got to use your shampoo and conditioner. I really loved them, and would like to purchase some for home. Is it possible? Do you have shipping services?

Nina - Australia

I stayed in a hotel in NZ recently and loved your Koha Spa East Cape hair conditioner. Is it possible to purchase a bottle along with the shampoo through you? Delivered to Australia? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

Carla - Australia

I had the pleasure of using your products while traveling in NZ and would love a price list of your products. If this is possible could you include delivery costs, alternatively do you have a supplier in Australia, preferably NSW, that I could contact. I absolutely loved your products and would love to be able to purchase some of the same for our personal use. Looking forward to your response

Vicki - Australia

After using some of your products I was just wondering if there were any shops in Tasmania where you can buy them.

Tracie - Australia

your KOHA SPA line is simply brilliant - is there any way that final customers (i.e. not hotel owners) can buy this product from you?

Jennyfer - Brazil

I recently stayed at a hotel in Taupo with your products in the room and loved the shampoo and conditioner! Was wondering how I can order some being in Australia?

Rebecca - Australia

Hi - I've just stayed at "Sails" in Nelson and tried your Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner. It was great.

Annette - New Zealand

Over the past three weeks, since our son's wedding at Casa Blanca on Cherry Island, my wife and I have been touring through Buffalo, Montreal, Newport (East Vermont), Waterville, and are now in Augusta, Maine at the Senator Inn & Spa where we were thrilled to see your products being offered in every bathroom.

Des - United States of America