Goodie Bag


Currently you have to pay to have all your left over guest hair and body care products sent to land fill, which seems like a pretty big waste to us. So we invented the Goodie Bag. This little bag (made from recycled paper) is designed to encourage guests to take home their partially used amenities and finish them at home and then pop them in their recycling. The Goodie Bag has a number of benefits:

1.  It’s good for the environment. Encouraging guests to finish their products at home means they are more likely to finish the product and then recycle it in their domestic recycling bin at home. Meaning that the product will be fully used instead of wasted and the packaging will be recycled instead of going into the landfill via your rubbish collection.

2.  It’s good for your marketing as they will continue to think of their stay with you every time they use the product at home.

3.  It’s good for your environmental reporting as you will be significantly reducing the waste from the room going into land fill.

Now I know that some of you will think that this will encourage guests to take home the lot and not just what they have partially used. We have run some trials and this combined with a few decades of conversations with Hoteliers has lead us to believe that nothing you can do will increase or decrease the number of people who will take everything in the room home. They are simply the type that do or the type that don’t.

You can however encourage the ones who genuinely want to do the right thing and finish the product and recycle the empty packaging at home. All of which not only paints you in a good light, but has some genuine benefits for the hotel as well.

Product Code: GOODIE

Quantity per carton: 50

The contents of this product are made from a biodegradable formulation and will naturally break down when exposed to the elements. The packaging for this product is made from recycled materials. The amount differs from 30% to 100% from product to product. We use recycled materials wherever possible, because we can and should. The packaging for this product are recyclable. PLEASE contact your recycler to find out how you can recycle it.