Still Botanicals Juniper + Avocado Seed Body Scrub 30ml

Infused with soothing Juniper and Kawakawa, this gently exfoliating, avocado seed body scrub works to lift away dead skin cells and impurities, refine skin texture and reveal smoother, brighter skin.

Directions: Best used in the shower (in our opinion), scrub away all your cares (and dead skin) to leave you looking positively radiant (and feeling pretty darn good about yourself)

Product Code: STILLBST

Quantity per carton: 100

This product is proudly made in New Zealand The contents of this product are made from a biodegradable formulation and will naturally break down when exposed to the elements. The formulation for this product has been tested on our office staff and not on animals. After all how is the bunny going to tell you when you’ve got the formulation just right? The contents of this product are Paraben free because we care about what you care about, YOU. The ingredients we use to make this product are free from Genetically Engineering. Because nobody wants you to grow a third eye or anything weird like that. Not exactly the peas and carrots kind of vegetables mind you, but our vegetable base contains no animal or petrochemical by-products. This product should be enjoyed within 24months of opening it. The packaging for this product are recyclable. PLEASE contact your recycler to find out how you can recycle it.

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We recently stayed somewhere that offered your body washes and shampoos etc, which I absolutely loved

Tish - New Zealand

just used your skin and Haircare products at a hotel here in Wellington. I found them great and was wondering are they available to the public? I would love to start using them at home, so hoping there is some way I can purchase these

Jeannie - new Zealand

I got a small tube from one of the hotels I stayed in and I love it! I’d love to have more!

Tammy - United States of America

I sampled your product while staying at a motel and was so impressed. Can I purchase this product?

Susan - New Zealand

I would like to buy these as gifts for my family! It’s amazing products

Jay - Australia

I’ve used your products in a couple hotels now and I love them.

Tracie - Australia