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Crunch Kitchen Cookies

Made from all natural ingredients to a time honoured family recipe these cookies are a divine little treat for the weary traveler. Each box contains: 100 packets of two Cookies, half the packets are Buttery Shortbread, and half Chunky Choc Chip. Made with love (and butter) right here in New Zealand.

Product Code: HPBP

Quantity per carton: 100 Mixed

This product is proudly made in New Zealand

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love these fab! biscuits

Karen - New Zealand

We have relatives from overseas on holiday in NZ and stayed in hotels and motels while traveling around NZ. They had the opportunity to taste your crunch kitchen chocolate cookies and just loved them

Renee - New Zealand

Hi we love your chunky choc chip biscuits

Alan - New Zealand

Hi. Love your cookies. Can I purchase these?

leanne - New Zealand

I stayed in Hilton Auckland hotel and received very nice Crunch Kitchen cookies (Shortbread/Choc Chip). I wonder where can I buy the cookies that is near to my hotel?

Roy - United States of America

I ate the Crunch Kitchen chuncky choc chip cookie today when i checked in to one of the motel. It tasted so good that i wanna to buy back to my home country.

Angle - Singapore

Had a sample of Crunch Kitchen cookies. Amazing. Are they available as a retail product. Would love to buy some

Lesley - New Zealand

Hi there, I've tasted the crunch kitchen cookie in the hotel. It's so yummy!! I love it. I'd love to buy some and take them back to China for my family and friends. Where can I buy?

Jeanne - China

Hi Can you please advise if any stores stock your Crunch Kitchen cookies? They're great for kids packed lunches.

Claire - New Zealand

I received a packet of your Crunch Kitchen Cookies at the Mystery creek field days, they were yum

Debbie - New Zealand

I've tasted the crunch kitchen cookie in the hotel from Paihia. I love it!! I'd love to buy some and take them back to Spain for my family and friends.

Ana - Spain