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Enriched with Active Manuka Honey, we like to think of AMH as traditional botanical healing knowledge meets modern cosmetic science, falls in love and lives happily ever after.

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I recently enjoyed a trip to your wonderful country and stayed at a Sudima Hotel. They supplied hydrating body balm which was delicious. Can you tell me if I can purchase some?

Gail - Australia

While staying at the Sudima Lake Hotel Rotorua, your Rang Kavita hydrating body balm, conditioning shampoo, and cleansing body soap bar are the best products I can recall ever using in my travels. Curious to know if they're available to individually purchase?

Jonathan - United States of America

Hi there, This might be a weird enquiry but I thought it was worth a try! I stayed at the Sudima Hotel in Rotorua back in July and I used the Rang Kavita manuka and ginger body balm. It's the best moisturiser I've ever used and I was wondering if it was possible to get some outside of the hotel?

Erin - New Zealand

hi there, I got a sample of the Rang Kavita body balm from Sudima Hotel that my husband stayed in recently. I really like this product and was enquiring if it is possible to purchase this product at all

Lyn - New Zealand

While my mother was staying Sumida Hotel, New Zealand, she was deeply moved by the quality of Rang kavita soap and shampoo. She wants to buy and use in person. Where can I buy this wonderful soap & shampoo?

Soo - South Korea

I had stayed at The Sudima Hotel when my family and I visited New Zealand and loved the Rang Kavita range of bath products. I was wondering if they were for sale anywhere as I would really like to purchase some.

Bhavana - India

Where can I get rang kavita shampoo in the uk

Martin - United Kingdom

I stayed for 3 days Sudima Hotel in New Zealand about two weeks ago. I surprised using 'rang kavita' body balm and so on. So I'm finding where I can buy those goods. How can I buy your good products?

Jakie - Korea

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