Top Five Items Frequent Business Travellers Recommend

Published on Dec 4, 2019

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Travelling for business can be exhilarating, flying to foreign countries, making deals, seeing the world, and being paid for it at the same time.


But it isn’t always glamorous. Long hours on planes, transiting through airports, staying in hotel rooms, and jet-lag can all take their toll, sometimes leaving you feeling tired and unprepared for the work ahead.


Seasoned business travellers know that in order to arrive ready for what’s ahead there are certain things you never leave home without.


To make sure your trip is as pleasurable as possible, and to help you arrive feeling mentally and physically ready to perform, here’s the HealthPak list of the top five essential items for travel.



1: The APEC Business Travel Card

APEC, or Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, was formed in 1989, with 21 participating members, from Australia to Vietnam. If you travel for business at least six times a year, ownership of this card will simplify your life in ways you will soon find impossible to live without.  


Its main purpose is to streamline the entry process into APEC countries, making business travel managers’ lives easier and accelerating immigration processing for you at the point of entry. It streamlines the entry process into APEC economies for both visas and immigration and means you can use the diplomatic and APEC lanes on arrival, breezing past the long queues at customs. New Zealand business travellers can apply through Immigration New Zealand, and your information can be used for multiple destinations. All you need to apply is a frequent travel schedule and a clean criminal record. What are you waiting for?



2: A Good Pen

Sounds obvious, right? But how many times have you searched through your bag only to find you didn’t bring one?  Find one that you like to use that is also robust enough to sustain the rigours of travel. Being able to handle pressurised environments like airplane cabins (and boardrooms) without leaking ink on you or anything else is crucial.  Keep the pen with your passport so next time you’re given documentation to fill out, you’ve got it covered.



3: Headphones

Ask any frequent business traveller and they will tell you, this is one of the most essential travel items you will ever own.  Invest in the best headphones you can afford, and make sure they’re noise cancelling.  Naturally Bluetooth is excellent but make sure they also have a wired option, and adaptors for connecting to airplane entertainment systems.  That way you can listen to your own music, podcasts, audiobooks, and movies, and also enjoy the airline’s, all in high fidelity.


Disconnect from the noise of the outside world and relax. Trust us, good headphones will help you arrive refreshed!



4: Vitamins

Business travel can be hard on the body.  Moving between multiple time zones, and in and out of air-conditioned environments, it’s surprisingly easy to get run down.  Always make sure you take a good multivitamin, maybe a men’s or women’s formula tailored to help your specific nutritional needs.


Magnesium, zinc, and vitamins C and B are also excellent companions on the road, helping maintain a healthy immune system and boost flagging energy levels.



5: HealthPak Travel Dental Kit

When you’ve been on the road or in the air for hours without a shower, having clean, fresh teeth is the most civilised feeling the world, helping you feel human again!  HealthPak’s dental kit is a hotel bath product of choice, and contains a small tube of Colgate tooth paste, a premium brush with soft bristles made from sustainable bamboo, and a nifty little toothpick / flossing device.  It comes in eco packaging that’s also super friendly on the environment.


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